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Detox from Other people's mistakes

Recently, I was on social media and saw a post of someone I knew as a child. The image was beautiful as the person had grown in an adult with all the necessary refinements. The problem is that each time, I looked at the picture, I remembered a major mistake that the person had made. The mistake was a memorable one but it was a childhood mistake. I realized at that moment the need to detox my mind from that distant memory so that I can truly appreciate 'how the duckling has become a beautiful swan'.

I shared this new understanding with my hubby about how we hold limiting beliefs for others. Question is how would you feel when you realize that others are holding limiting beliefs for you as well. Not comforting is it?

It turned out that I was headed to the country as the mental detox was taking place. There the wind was blowing literally and 'symbolically'. The detox was freeing and in that moment I recorded a video with a little more detail and posted on YouTube (

I ask that you watch and share a comment on how this impacts you. It's raw and uncut but full of gems that will leave you mentally clear about yourself and others.

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