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Updated: Mar 3, 2021

The world is full of 'haves' and 'have' not!

There is often a war of words between the two as 'the have not' most often express the opinion that 'the haves' acquired their wealth unfairly. Politicians in different countries play this game skillfully by pitting these groups against each other at election time. When the verbiage is about the 'haves' paying a greater share of their wealth in taxes, that seems to be enough to secure additional votes from the 'have nots'. This seems to be an ongoing game.

The Mentality of Poverty

It may also be true the 'have nots' problem is not those that 'have' but more so their mentality shrouded in lack and poverty. The Bible says the poor will always be with us (Mark 14:7). However, it did not indicate that the poor must always remain poor. It's also interesting to look at whether being poor is a mindset. In other words, are person naturally poor, or is it the system that makes them poor? Have you ever spoken to a 'poor' person who constantly says 'I don't want to be rich, just comfortable'? Yet that person may have fine furniture and every 'cent' they work, or beg buys another item that seems to upgrade their life but often do not have funds to go to work, eat well, or even attend the doctor if they fall ill.

The Power to get Wealth

You may be asking why this author has this thought process on poverty and wealth. I'm happy if you ask that. You see recently, as a sister, and I prayed, I felt strongly that the Lord was asking, "When I say I give you power, do you believe?". You may agree with me that this is a thought-provoking question and basic research showed that God had given us the 'power' to do many things. if this is true, are we using this power? This is the reasoning behind the first forum on The Power to Get Wealth, being hosted by Engaging Conversations owner, Tanya Powell-Edwards. The Speaker is US based realtor, Carlene Willis-Walker.

This online conference will address and focus on wealth from a biblical perspective. It is hoped that attendees will learn, that their belief system related to poverty and wealth will change and that they will go progressively forward with a new 'wealth-creating' mindset. If you are reading this, register online (Home | Engaging Conversations ( and make it a date to attend.

Please watch this video as we help people understand more about generating

wealth the Bible's way (

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