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It is included in a shareware installation package called Generator Platinum. See also Computer-based image generation FaceGen FaceGen Classic The FaceGen Suite - a family of 3D face and head models used in 3D character animation. Utterly! 2D-animator References External links Category:Facial animation Category:Geometry engines Category:Discontinued software Category:Free software programmed in C Category:Free 3D graphics software Category:Science software for Windows Category:Free educational software Category:Software using the GPL licenseQ: Is a B2B Data Integration product suitable for a company that delivers just CRM data? We are currently a Java shop and are looking into transitioning to the cloud. As part of this we have bought a solution from a provider that does a great job at B2B data integration. We are currently developing an ERP (Salesforce, but I am not sure which other ERP vendors are available) and we want to integrate with these B2B data integration tools, but we have no business operations. My question is, is this a good solution for us or are we missing a market segment? Also, any other comments would be appreciated. A: Your question may be answered elsewhere, but since you tagged this as Microsoft Dynamics CRM, a good place to start would be the following: B2B integration with CRM isn't trivial. You typically need to use SOAP and.Net programming and those resources exist and are provided for free for CRM. Without documentation for the B2B tool, the worst case scenario would be you getting stuck with it. The other option would be to connect to the B2B tool using a COM connector or a data access layer (DAL) that would allow direct SQL Server access. There are other options, like using X++ or Java. These are a different form factor from the Microsoft.Net approaches but are certainly an option. The thing about B2B is that it's a unique environment. You need to consider all of the things that you're going to need to get your data into and out of CRM. Integrating with CRM is often a first step, but not necessarily the last step. You'll need to consider a bunch of other things like



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